About GEG Staffing

GEG Staffing is a premium recruitment, professional development and human resources consulting company headquartered in Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

A more personalized approach to job placement and career development.

Proudly joining the Golden Eagle Global Organization, GEG Staffing was built on 15+ years of project staffing across an array of industries.

We understand the unique growing pains of the local job market, the struggles of unemployment and the challenges of finding the right people for the right job. GEG Staffing is committed to helping both individuals and companies compete, prosper, and grow. Helping people transform their lives while shaping the future of employment is our mission.

Trainings & Workshops

Does your team need to get up to speed on a new software system? Looking to enhance your resume with a professional development workshop? Just tell us what you need and GEG Staffing will provide you with internationally accredited subject matter experts to meet your goals.


GEG Staffing simplifies the entire hiring process for our clients, by providing a pool of competent applicants. We work in conjunction with our clients and job seekers to match candidates based on experience, aspirations and company culture. Our hiring program covers the entire recruitment process, from screening, interviewing, professional testing, background checks, to final round selection, training and onboarding.

Work Permits & Payroll Services

Subscribe to our customized payroll services, and GEG Staffing can save you valuable time and avoid expensive delays. We provide the full suite of payroll management services: work permits, social security, taxes, health insurance, pre-employment medical check-up and payroll processing. Our payroll experts guarantee accuracy and compliance with local regulations.

Extended DISC® Individual Assessments

Our certified DISC assessors help teach you how to leverage employee strengths and improve employee placement based on hardwired behavioral styles. By utilizing the proven DISC methodology, GEG Staffing can also help your employees become more successful by improving their communication, productivity and conflict resolution skills.